Saturday, July 9, 2016

An update on the Hunger Walk, Life, and the progress of my random patch collection

Man, I am just not blogging lately!  I blame a mix of things, but the chief two right now are having a summer job as a courier (I deliver letters 20-30 hours a week) and playing XBox One, specifically the game Overwatch.  So I'm getting paid in the morning and having fun playing XBox with my brothers at night, which is good stuff, but I'm blogging a lot less than I did last Summer.  Such is life I suppose.

Speaking of getting paid, I advertised for that Hunger Walk about a month back, and was fortunate to get contributions from a few people in the card blogging world.  The event itself was a blast - my wife and I are couch potatoes, so it was different to get out and walk around Cincinnati for a good cause.  There were thousands of people there, all starting down around Paul Brown Stadium (where the Bengals play) in Cincinnati.  We then did a three mile trail that went over a bridge, circled a fast food/retail area, and then went back over the bridge.  My wife and I took it pretty leisurely, just enjoying the day and the sights, and ended up finishing in just over an hour.  It definitely made me want to get out there and move more, and I'm hoping to get a better time next year by maybe jogging at least some of it!  So that was neat, and thanks again to those that donated and helped support the local Cincinnati food bank!

So other things have been going on, but I'm still collecting cards in the background too, so I'll finish with some words on that.  I recently made a few COMC shipments, and you'll see those over the rest of the Summer, but for this post I wanted to focus on my awesome patch collection, which is REALLY coming along (Here's a link to the full collection if you want to see it in all of its glory).  It's amazing how many cheap, quality patches you can find on COMC if you're persistent.  For instance, this Dontrelle Willis which was like $2.5:
I mean, LOOK AT THAT PATCH.  The silver is part of it, so it's four colors and four breaks, which is pretty amazing for less than $3. I grabbed a cool Dontrelle patch a while back for like $1.8, but it was only two colors so I resold it.  I'm glad I did, because I think this one is even nicer.

Another guy I wanted a patch of was Tim Salmon.  In the mid-90's I kind of remember him being what Mike Trout is now - a lone All Star surrounded by a team full of meh.  So I've been searching him every now and then for a while, and I finally found a patch that fit my need.  Check it out:
It's just two colors, but that's a freakin' Angel wing patch - which is amazing.  Any time you can find a logo patch for cheap (I think this was in the $4ish range), you definitely have to bite.  I'm finding lots of cool cheap relics of 90's stars like this, and hopefully I'll continue to have good success in the future with other guys like Randy Johnson and Mo Vaughn.

That's it for today, just some life updates and a few nice swatches.  It's time to head back to Overwatch and win some matches!

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